Please enjoy the use of these FREE Kontakt sample programs. I have saved them all in MONOLITH format so you get the programming and the samples all in one file. Simply download the file and install on your DAW. You will need the full version of KONTAKT in order to use these free instrument programs.

The reason I have chosen KONTAKT as the sample player of choice is that it is the only sample player that I have found that has implemented PORTAMENTO somewhat accurately. As you may know, vintage SYNTHS used this effect seemingly all the time back in the prog days. In addition, KONTAKT is a very robust and highly supported format for professional instrument samples.

In as much as I made these sample instruments free, any donation that you think these programs are worth would be greatly appreciated. All the funds from these donations will be used to support more FREE, vintage instruments made available to the you.

The instruments were sampled in 24 bit MONO using a DI, so any processing will be up to you. Use any FX plugins you like to create the right sound for your mix.

I own all of the real instruments that were used to create these sample programs at no small expense. In addition to some keyboards, I plan on sampling my guitars in something I call gMIDI... that is, laid out for both keyboard and MIDI guitar controllers.

I give NO permission to share, upload or sell these programs. They are for your private use only. I don't know too many people who are making high quality KONKAKT instruments available for free so please respect my rights to these programs by not distributing these without my express written permission.